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Outdoor design trend: Lighting

I've mentioned before that creating areas within your outdoor space, or zoning, can actually make spaces feel larger. Another key design tool is the use of lighting to add highlights, mood and create a sense of space too. Just like indoor lighting plans, layering makes a huge difference plus add fluidity to the eye which will enhance the mood and cosiness of an area. How inviting is this! (image via Dean Herald-, Rolling Stone Landscapes Melbourne Australia)


 bar stool seating trend

Outdoor design trend: Barstools

Barstool seating creates a casual entertaining spot for kids and adults alike. This trend works really well directly off the kitchen where you can carry the bench height from indoors to outside. Like siitting around the kitchen bench when you have guests over? Try this outside for a relaxed dining vibe. Great use of zoning in this courtyard garden (image via Better Homes & Gardens)

contemporary pergola in the garden

Outdoor design trend: Shade

We all love the sun and can't wait to enjoy long summer afternoons relaxing in our outdoor space. But having some shade is really important to factor into your exterior design plan. There are loads of options for you to choose from: from permantent pergolas and lourvetec systems, to shade sails, canopies or umbrellas that give you flexibility and can be stored away in winter.  Another great thing that installing shade does is create a zone - it helps define what to use each space for - playing, relaxing or dining.

I love the contemporary look and feel of this pergola above and how its simple lines compliment the outdoor furniture in place.



outdoor bean bag lounger by the pool

If I had 3 wishes they would be... 1. for a pool, 2. for loads of sunshine and 3. for an outdoor lounger bean bag - as spotted on the deck there in Home Beautiful magazine, one of our coral sub outdoor bean bags.

florence broadhurst image

Florence Broadhurst inspiration:

Fast forward that holiday feeling by carrying a beach bag! We are looking forward to weekends spent going to the beach and catching up with friends. The super luxurious Florence Broadhurst Cockatoos beach towel is a favourite and would be a great gift for a beach lover.


 bean bag lounger outdoors summer 2014

Preparing for summer days:

Now is a great time to start planning your outdoor space and getting summer ready. This year I'm going to create a relaxing zone in our garden. A space I can head to with a coffee or good book, a welcoming spot for the summer holidays ahead.
Finding the right chair will be key to making this space comfy and to enjoy reading, relaxing and lounging outdoors. Whether its a deck chair, butterfly chair, lounger or bean bag - make sure you have somewhere comfy to relax and enjoy those moments outside too.


using mirror to reflect light in this seating area

Yellow love in this seating area. The clever use of a mirror on the back wall, white walls and a vibrant colour palate for soft furnishings makes this space fresh, light and inviting - a great place to spend the afternoon out of the sun. (image via House Beautiful)


outdoor paper lanterns at wedding create an impact

Outdoor Party or Wedding Inspiration:

Using one item repeatively is a great way to create an impact and it's often a cost friendly option too. We love to use lanterns in this way and these coloured paper lanterns are creating a dreamy atmosphere at this outdoor wedding reception. Colourful and impactful during the day but when the sun goes down, they would really create some magic.



hammamas cotton beach towels styled in the bathroom add colour

Hammam Beach Towels Styling:

More Hammamas love - this time in the bathroom. I love the mix of these summery colours, they remind me of hibiscus flowers and and being somewhere warm like Fiji. These are hot colours for summer 2014/15 too. Styling by Vanessa Nouwens.


outdoor dining colour trend inspiration

Pin this: Outdoor table setting inspiration

This mix of summery colours is right on trend for this year. All items available online here at recline, styling by Vanessa Nouwens.



outdoor room trends ideas inspiration interior design

Outdoor Styling Tip #14:

Creating a Zone is a great way to make the most of the outdoor space you have, so both large and smaller gardens can benefit from defining spaces for specific uses. One great way to do this is layering with an outdoor rug. There's a wide range of polypropylene rugs on the market which look great and are water, mould and mildew resistant so will last for longer outdoors. Try defining what your needs are for outdoor living and you'll soon see there's lots of options for the whole family to enjoy your outdoor space.

Outdoor Stying Tip #13:

Thinking of going vertical this year? A great way to expand the use of garden walls especially in a smaller space, is right on trend for 2014. These ceramic planters will get you started. We love a collection of vessels to add a focal point and height to your space. Fill with flowers or your favourite herbs for an instant garden update. 


colourful bunting decorating kids bedroom

One of my favourite shots from a recent shoot that I couldn't wait to share with you. Bunting is not just for parties or kids rooms - Yellow and Orange wow in this guest bedroom looks so inviting! Check out our bunting at $24.95 its an easy and cost effective way to recreate that holiday feeling now. Styling by Vanessa Nouwen

Outdoor Styling Tip #12:

Summer time = drinks time! Using styled glass/plastic jars is a fun way to keep the kids hydrated this summer. A perfect way to style kids parties, backyard BBQ's and summer picnics. They are stylish yet so practical, keeping thirsty kids happy has never been easier. By Annabel Herbison



Outdoor Styling Tip #11:

Creating a haven at home is easy no matter what size your backyard. Get everyone involved in picking their favourite cushions, bean bags or chairs then have fun decorating - the kids will love it. Transfer yourself into a little oasis of holiday mode for just a few hours or for the whole weekend. Even better if you can't hear the phone from this area of the garden.

emerald green pantone colour 2013 trends

What's Hot:

Emerald Green is 2013's PANTONE colour of the year! which they describe as "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony."  This is a colour trend we love here at Recline.


mix coloured candlesticks and candles

Styling Inspiration:

Create an impact - mixing coloured candlesticks and coloured candles for an on-trend display. (image via General Eclectic)


geometric coloured cushions for use indoors and outside

Outdoor Styling Tip #10:

Add a pop of colour with these geometric cushions available in 4 colours. Use indoors and outdoors to add colour and comfort to your seating. We recommend mixing these cushions with plain cushions in the same colour to make the contrasting coloured piping stand out.

colourful planters for indoors

Styling Inspiration:

Coloured planter holders and patterned pots can create a statement piece - add some living colour indoors this winter! By Annabel Herbison


outdoor lighting idea - styling with tea light paper bags

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Twinkle twinkle - what a magical way to create an entrance for your next outdoor party. Available in a variety of designs this is an economical way to dress up a pathway or stairs as you just need to replace the tea lights. A great outdoor styling idea that both adults and kids will love this summer.


Outdoor Styling Tip #9:

A great way to extend the use of your outdoor living room is to build in an outdoor fireplace. This creates ambience and warmth so you will soon be lingering longer in the evenings and more often throughout the year. Adding soft candlelight with hurricane lamps or tea lights adds to the magic of living outdoors.

Table Setting Inspiration:

We love all the great lighting options there are to make your outdoor dining table just a little bit special. These hanging paper lanterns are so simple but it shows how repetition can make a big impact. (image via Real Living)


Outdoor Styling Tip #8:

Create a feeling of continuity by carrying on the style and colours from inside your home, through to your deck and garden. The result is a streamlined look that will make the overall space feel larger.

A very easy way to achieve this is with cushions in outdoor fabrics. Made from the highest quality fibres, these fabrics are hard wearing but are soft to touch. Plus they won't fade in the sun, are water resistant and are machine washable too. So perfect for use inside and for adding comfort to your outdoor living space.

Give your outdoor furniture a fresh lease of life with new covers, and add cushions and bean bags to create layers, so there's room for everyone in the family to relax and enjoy.


we love summery yellow


Add a pop of yellow. We love the range of yellow beach and tableware products we have in stock at the moment!


Outdoor Styling Tip #7:

If you use your garden as an outdoor living room, why not style it like one? There's a great selection of outdoor furniture to choose from, plus some indoor pieces work equally well outside - like candles and lanterns for light, cushions for comfort and art or sculpture to personalize your outdoor lounging area.


Green candelabra available from

Table Setting Inspiration:

Add colour to your table or sideboard with these coloured candelabra. A pop of colour is sure to brighten your spirits on a winters day.  We have styled these with white candles for a classic look. Try black candles for a classic look with a twist, or coloured candles for a fun way to personalise your table.



Outdoor Styling Tip #6:

This season's bold colours have made gorgeous table settings and mixing two of your favourite colours is right on trend. Shown here are pink and blue melamine serving bowls, trays, pitchers and tumblers all available from this store. Don't you think the yellow flowers really make it pop! Photos taken by Sara Haddon


Photo thanks to

Looking for gift ideas for a beach babe....this Noosa Gift Set is sure to please. Includes a Noosa Beach Tote and a Whitehaven Beach Towel, both from SunnyLIFE. Photo taken by Be Photography



Outdoor Styling Tip #5:

Let there be light! Create an inviting outdoor living room with lighting that means you can enjoy sitting outside as the evening goes on. We love a mix of lamps, uplights and candles. Add colour too with pretty votive candles that glow gently and provide the most flattering light to enjoy relaxed evenings outdoors.



Outdoor Styling Tip #4:

If you feel your outdoor space needs an injection of colour - this is the year to do it! Bold colour is huge this year and the bolder the better. Take inspiration from your home's interior and find an outdoor equivalent as your garden should be an extension of your home. In this image - bright bold colours perfectly liven up this seating area.


outdoor kitchen trend 2014

Pin this: Outdoor kitchens are on trend

This is on my "I want to have this one day..." list! Alfresco dining has taken the next step and outdoor kitchens are a popular trend that will be appearing in many outdoor areas soon. Continue the materials used in your indoor kitchen as much as possible for a streamlined look. Add a few pots of fresh herbs and you have an easy to use space that will be easy to clean up too.


Photo taken by Be Photography                     

Outdoor Styling Tip #3:

Whether it's at home, at the beach house or on the boat, versatile and pratical serving dishes and glasses ensure you can enjoy and relax as much as your guests. Browse through our selection of tableware products that will ensure you are prepared for summer entertaining this year.


Beach ready - inspiration for summer days ahead:

Want to get some of that summer feeling? Be beach ready by having your favourite beach bag packed and ready to go! These items from SunnyLife are so versatile to take on the boat, to the park for a picnic or a weekend away at the beach or bach. Luxurious fabrics, hot designs and colours and generous sizing are all key qualities of this popular beach brand - enjoy some comfort this summer with items from our range.


New on the market Summer 2010 - the Govino shatterproof wine glass:

Govino wine glassGovino Silver 2010 Idea Award

                                 Featured in URBIS and CUISINE magazines.

"There's now a wine-friendly alternative to glass for settings like picnics where you still want to enjoy good wine at its best. the new polymer Govino wine glass boasts of being able to "reflect the wine's colour and aromatics much like crystal". It's shatterproof, reusable and recyclable." Cuisine magazine

Outdoor Styling Tip #2:

Bright Cushions

Cushions add an inviting and comfy feeling to your outdoor seating area. If you want to create a cushion corner or add some onto your outdoor couch, a good place to start is by picking one cushion you love and creating your theme from there.  Keeping to 2 or 3 main colours will make it easy to add more cushions as you find them. Patterns are great and work best when you use different proportions to add balance.



Photo taken by Be Photography                                                    

Outdoor Styling Tip #1:

Take some time to plan your summer entertaining space. Think of this as another living area of your home and give consideration to your priorities - a large table for seated meals or comfy couches or bean bags to unwind and relax on in the sun? Then you can review the layout of your space to reflect this.
Also ask yourself - is there enough sun protection? Lighting and heating for enjoying the evening for longer? Is the paving or decking in need of repairs so that you can fully utilize the space you have?

Photo taken by Be Photography